A collection of stories about how YGG and its partners are helping young women through hockey.

Specialized Training

Elite Lady Patriots

You Goal Girl is excited to team with the California Patriots to bring elite girls and elite coaches together to create a unique skills development experience. Our objective is to challenge girls, to push their personal boundaries and to take a step towards greater self-confidence and gender equality.

The Elite Lady Patriots program brings together approximately 40 elite female athletes each summer from multiple hockey clubs west of the Mississippi. The program includes six to eight weeks of tuition-free on-ice development and off-ice training at a newly remodeled, state of the art Toyota Sports Performance Center facility, home to the LA Kings.


You Goal Girl has teamed with GelStx to provide female athletes with GelStx’ training tools and training programs used by NHL players and other professionals to develop skills required to perform at the highest hockey levels. In addition to training tools, GelStx has organized hockey ambassadors – including Olympians and professionals – to demonstrate training tool use and value.

Gel Sport Sticks

The You Goal Girl Cup

You Goal Girl, working with Super Series AAA, is hosting our inaugural invite-only, elite lady hockey tournament. The YGG Cup will be hosted in Las Vegas July 8-10th.

The event supports many of strategic objectives, namely the YGG Cup brings together high caliber female talent from nationally recognized hockey programs; the event offers female athletes and parents with special access to female leaders and individuals of interest, and all tournament fees will be funded by YGG in order to reduce known financial barriers.

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Financial Support

Tuition Support

In May, 2020, YGG announced that in light of the covid-19 crisis, it stands behind its commitment to fund families of girls playing competitive hockey.

YGG is committed to assist with funding for elite girls in need for the 20/21 season through a scholarship program.  Initially we will support girls playing on California teams, but with corporate sponsors, we intend to expand that geographic scope.  The criteria and specifics of the program and application process will be posted soon.

According to Rebecca Warner, CFO, “it is during these times of need when the families of our female athletes need YGG and broader community support the most”. YGG’s mission is to support these families and achieve its mission of developing future female leaders using the power of sports and mentorship.

Hockey Program
and Skills Coach

YGG is teaming with the Los Angeles Junior Kings and LA Lions to fund a dedicated senior hockey coach to develop female hockey players at the elite and developmental playing levels. This position represents a groundbreaking move for the LA Lions as it represents the organization’s first ever fully-dedicated female hockey program bench and skills leader.

Unique Experiences and Access

YGG is committed to working with teams and families to facilitate and financially support unique hockey experiences and introductions. YGG is currently reviewing events and experiences listed below:

University visits and on on-campus training and development
U.S and international summer hockey tournaments and clinics
External hockey advisors and individuals of influence


YGG, with support from an extraordinary line up of senior corporate, business and other leaders, is currently developing a platform and program to deliver highly customized and impactful off-ice mentorship to our elite female hockey athletes. Program specifics to follow.

If you would like to volunteer as a mentor, please contact Nanette Reed at