About YGG

YGG recognizes that today’s young female athletes are tomorrow’s future leaders.
We are proud to be a part of these young athletes’ futures.

Our Goals

Strategic Aspiration

To provide funding for multiple west coast elite girls hockey teams and west coast elite girls spring-tournament hockey teams

1 to 3 years

Short term

  • Annual You Goal Girl Cup -tournament for one age level with participation from highest ranking teams across the United States
  • Tuition support for a west coast elite spring travel teams
  • Clinics –advanced training for western area elite girls
  • Coaches -one or more You Goal Girl coaches to perform clinics and to support holistic elite girls hockey program needs
  • Off-ice leadership develop and mentoring
  • Special events to promote elite players and YGG program and awareness

2 to 5 years

Medium term

Extend 1-3 year program support to additional qualifying west coast elite girls hockey clubs and birth years (regular season and spring travel).

Expand You Goal Girl Cup tournament to additional age levels.

YGG will fund additional programs to promote broader diversity - including but not limited to race - within the game or girls hockey.

5 + years

Longer term

Continue to extend 3-5 year aspiration and, where feasible, create a new west coast elite girls hockey team in underserved geographies with sufficient supply and demand or extend program support beyond hockey (“art of the possible”).

Elite designation –AAA status or a top national ranking
Why elite? –Elite girls have demonstrated their willingness to commit time and energy to training programs and their coaches and teams -often at the expense of personal time and other interests. This commitment and focus is deemed a key ingredient to leadership development

Board of Directors


Nanette Reed

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Ken Stickney

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Tracy Stickney

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Jim Negus

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Tara Negus

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Nanette Reed graduated from Cornell University before women’s D1 hockey existed (club program only). Now I want to make sure my daughter has the opportunity to excel in youth hockey and compete at the highest levels, like her brother before her. Starting my career in NYC, advancing to become Media Director at Korey Kay and Partners, then leaving to pursue the theater as an actor and director, then moving back into business to grow a standby air travel concept into an international travel company, I returned to Southwestern University to get my JD while partnering with entertainment colleagues to form a film production company, ultimately transitioning to become a litigation partner at a national law firm, my current day job. I have always found that sports can be a common ground to build business relationships. Young girls need to build confidence early, and sustain is through growing pains and self-doubts, to achieve their maximum potential. The team sport of ice hockey can pave the way and YGG can be that helping hand and that is why I am committed to making this organization prosper.

Ken Stickney has been an executive in the sports and entertainment world for the past three decades–including senior executive stints in the Western Hockey League, International Hockey League and Swiss A League. He is a 1984 graduate of the University of California who then received his MBA from the Claremont Graduate School in 1986. He currently resides in Manhattan Beach, CA.

Tracy Stickney is a huge hockey fan and an executive at Designtex Inc. a division of Steelcase Inc., a $3.75 billion dollar company. As a woman executive she supports and encourages young women to have the same opportunities. She has five children and encourages them to work hard for their dreams. Tracy is thrilled to be part of YGG because it gives these young women mentoring, coaching and the opportunity to play high level hockey without obstacles. Tracy came from a middle class family in St. Louis Missouri and with the help of mentoring, coaching and hard work she has enjoyed a long fulfilling career and now wants to pay it forward to our YGG girls!

Jim Negus is an 18 year partner with KPMG LLP, who currently serves as the National Managing Partner, U.S. Clients and Markets. Jim has served on several non-profit boards including the California Science Center, Big Brothers and Sisters of both New York and the Greater Los Angeles & Inland Empire, the Los Angeles Economic Development Center and the Asian Society of Southern California. Jim is the father of a hockey daughter and son, a staunch advocate for gender equality and diversity, and an advocate for the positive impact mentorship, athletics and hard work can have on our youth.

Tara Negus is a mother of two and an entrepreneur. Having lived in both Los Angeles and New York, Tara has served as an advocate for local and national women’s development programs and underprivileged and at-risk youth. For example, Tara served on the Guild of the Big Brothers and Sisters of Los Angeles & the Inland Empire.



Rebecca Warner

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Debbie Doran

Corporate Secretary
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Special Advisor

Becki Winckler

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CFO – Rebecca Warner has worked for the past 20 years in the Aerospace industry and is a Senior Engineer for Raytheon Technologies. She received her Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Michigan Technological University and her undergraduate degrees in Computational and Mathematical Science from Lake Superior State University. Often the lone female throughout her educational path and working in a male dominated field, Rebecca is a passionate supporter of gender equality and women’s rights. She was born and raised in Michigan and is the mother of three children.

Corporate Secretary – Debbie Doran is a mother and former marketing brand manager and research psychologist. Debbie received her MBA from USC with an emphasis in marketing. After graduation, she worked as a Marketing Manager for L’Oreal in New York and later as a Marketing Director for Freeman Cosmetics in Los Angeles. Prior to her career in marketing, Debbie graduated Summa Cum Laude with an undergraduate degree from UCLA in Psychology. She spent a number of years as a researcher working alongside UCLA research professors to develop and implement vocational training programs intended to rehabilitate and reincorporate Schizophrenic patients successfully back into the workforce.

Becki Winckler is an advocate for all things female. She has been a teacher in a low-income district for 20 years at the elementary level. She uses her background in education to help her efforts at shaping the future for young girls. She is the co-founder and Director of the LA Lions, an all-female hockey program under the LA Kings umbrella. She was born and raised in Southern California. Becki enjoys spending her free time with her family and continues to be very active in her community. She attended CSULB for her undergraduate degree and received her MAE from Chapman University.